What do we know about the multinationals driving the current trade negotiations such as TiSA, CETA and TTIP?

(20 October 2015) - how is the labour movement responding ? This was the theme of a seminar organised by Ver.di and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) for trade unionists and NGOs to analyse recently leaked documents on TISA and update each other on developments regarding TTIP and CETA. The seminar took place at a moment when all over Europe trade demonstrations and activities were taking place to highlight concerns about the negotiations, including in Berlin where some 250,000 recently people took to the streets.

Invited experts to the seminar included Sanya Reid Smith from the Third World Network, Celeste Drake from the US AFL-CIO, Scott Sinclair from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, and Cecile Toubeau from Transport and the Environment.

Discussions during the seminar emphasised the importance of alliance-building between trade unions and civil society.

A recent report co-published by EPSU puts the spotlight on companies pressing for liberalisation in health and social care and other public services.

The FES/ver.di seminar on trade took place on 14-15 October in Berlin. EPSU Deputy General Secretary Penny Clarke participated.