A week of good news !

(11 October 2012) In the last few weeks we have tried to maximize our pressure to free the 9 KESK (Public Sector confederation in Turkey) members that were facing the judge on October 4 in Ankara. The result of the joint campaign [together with ETUCE (European Trade Union Committee for Education)/ ETUC / ITUC] has been the release of 6 of the accused KESK members. However 3 KESK members continue to be in jail. We will therefore have to keep up our efforts to mobilise for their release. Our presence at the court audience combined with strong international pressure has paid off. So much for the positive news.

Europe is still caught in the austerity trap, in this newsletter we cover several reports and statements showing that the austerity-for-all policy is leading the European Union away from the path to social justice and sustainable development. It is high time to change course! We face a social emergency in a number of EU member states.

A piece of really good news is that 11 countries have decided to create a coalition of the willing a to push ahead with a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT).
EPSU has been campaigning for the FTT for a long time and we welcome this decision. Our concerted action will be necessary to get further countries of the EU as well as other countries of the continent on board as a step for a Global FTT in order to make the speculators pay their share of the crisis.

This significant step in the right direction has to be the first of many further steps to change the policy direction the EU has taken. We have more and more indications that the austerity doctrine does not work. Even the IMF has accepted that, in Portugal, per each euro of cuts the cost is 1.7 euros!

We joint the ETUC in its campaign for a Social Compact for Europe, we want social progress and not the destruction of the social fabric in our societies.