Webinar with Juliet Schor: Fundamental change, the role of public services and working time reduction 22 June 15:00

Public Service Day 2023 - Debate with Prof. J. Schor 22 June

EPSU is pleased to welcome Prof. Juliet Schor on 22 June to a webinar on the occasion of UN Public Services Day, 23 June, 2023.  Prof. Schor, a well-known economist, and sociologist, will reflect with us on the need for fundamental change to our economic model and the role public services and working time reduction must play to achieve that change.

Prof. Schor brings a unique perspective on those issues as a lifelong advocate for the role working time reduction can play in achieving climate justice.

The webinar comes on the heels of the Conference on Beyond Growth organised in the European Parliament. Many participants recognised public services (like public administrations, municipal services, public health, care, social housing, public transport, public digital infrastructure etc ...) as a key part of that change, if not the crucial pillar needed to deliver climate justice.

EPSU believes that fundamental change is needed to deal with the climate crisis and global warming, to achieve more equality and social justice, end the exploitation of people and of our environment.

For the Presentation of Prof. J. Schor 

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Many contributions of the EP Conference on Beyond Growth are available at: https://www.beyond-growth-2023.eu/

Bio Prof. Schor:

Juliet Schor is an economist and sociologist at Boston College. Her books include the New York Times best-seller 'The Overworked American', 'The Overspent American', 'Sustainable Lifestyles and the Quest for Plenitude', and 'True Wealth'. Since about 2010, Schor has been studying the “sharing economy,” including both large platforms and smaller community initiatives. Schor is a former Guggenheim Fellow, Radcliffe Fellow, and Brookings Institution fellow, and in 2014 she received the American Sociological Association’s award for Public Understanding of Sociology.