Webinar explores Innovative approaches to Youth Organising

EPSU Youth recruitment webinar October 2020

(30 October 2020) On October 23rd, the Recruitment and Organising Network and the Youth Network organized a webinar titled "Do young workers really NOT want to join trade unions". Over 80 participants from across and beyond Europe joined the debate. The success of this webinar suggests a follow-up in the future.

The aim was to identify and exchange on innovative trade union responses to a broadly felt trend – the increasing distance felt by many young workers from trade unions, even though they often find themselves in precarious working conditions and are disproportionally hit by recurring economic crises.

The first speaker was Claire Coatman, TUC (UK). Claire spoke about he TUC’s WorkSmart app. This app seeks to reach young workers directly on their smartphone, thereby lowering barriers for trade union entry. She highlighted above all the importance for trade unions of listening to young people without any prejudice.

Following Claire, we were happy to welcome Frank van Bennekom,  from FNV (The Netherlands). Frank spoke  about the success of the FNV’s youth section “Niet mijn schuld” (not my fault/debt) in combatting excessive student debts. A very active campaign, also through partnership with student unions, that mobilized students across the country.

See the recording of the webinar.

See the TUC report “The missing half million – How unions can transform themselves to be a movement of young workers”