We reject attempts to organise European standardisation of health and social care

(6 July 2016) EPSU, ETUC and the European organisations of hospital associations (HOPE), doctors (CPME) and dentists (CED) are warning against European initiatives to standardise medical treatments, other healthcare services and elderly care. We do not think this is necessary and we do not think that EU-level standards are the appropriate tool. We have sent a letter to the national standardisation bodies, to the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN), to relevant European Commission services and to Member States to reject such initiatives or proposals.

Our arguments why EU standardisation needs to be rejected are related amongst others to:

  • Impact on issues of national competencies
  • Interference with national social security systems – based on fundamental social and human rights – and with the role and principles of public services, whereas standardisation operates from a market-oriented and profit-driven perspective
  • Professional guidelines, practice and professional autonomy as well as professional liability
  • Role of social dialogue and risk of interference with regulatory framework established in law, defined in collective agreements or set out in self-regulation
  • EU-level standard setting in the field of health and social services by a body that is neither scientifically suited nor that carries sufficient legitimacy to intervene in national competences

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