Water, Waste and Energy on the agenda of EPSU utilities' unions

The Standing Committee on Public Utilities met 11 may 2006, Luxembourg. The following issues were on the agenda:

- Green Paper on Secure, Competitive and Sustainable Energy for Europe. Many issues were raised by the Members and a further paper will be prepared to be decided 27 September, the next meeting of the committee. See also: www.epsu.org/a/2018

- Services Directive. The Standing Committee agreed to campaign for the further exclusion of Services of General Economic Interest from the scope of the Directive as amended by the European Parliament. For EPSU analysis see: www.epsu.org/r/224 for more information on the Services Directive

- The proposals to continue to work further on water issues and prepare for World Water Day 2007 were approved. The utmost should be made of the decision of the UN Water Board that water is delivered for 90% by public companies and that any cooperation should be based on non-for-profit principles. Water is a human right and no profits should be made.

- The meeting also approved the proposal to seek to organise a further meeting of the waste group. Issues for discussion are the European Waste Strategy and the corporate social responsibility project.

- South East European Energy Community. The campaign to obtain a social dimension will be continued (for more background see www.epsu.org/r/239

- The unions approved the proposal to focus on outsourcing in the electricity sector. A background document, checklist and strategy paper were considered (backgroud document and checklist)

- Unions will be requested to appoint contact persons for the [email protected] network

- The guidelines on the European Company were discussed. The Standing committee recommends the guidelines for adoption to the Executive Committee with the reservation that the non-availability of language versions could lead to questions and issues hitherto not fully explored by those concerned.

- The work of the EPSU delegation in the electricity social dialogue committee was approved. Issues considered are: CSR, equality and diversity, health and safety and an employment study (with the social partners and the European Commission)

- Members received a report on the state of affairs in the Gas social dialogue

- A report was provided on the High Level Group on Energy, the Environment and Competitiveness. It was underlined that the trade unions should be careful to defend the interests' of citizens in the dialogue.

- Reports on the work of the EPSU delegates in the European Energy and Transport Forum were noted.

- Report of activities was approved.

The meeting was chaired by Sven Bergelin, President of the Committee and Jan Ruden, Vice-President of the Committee later in the day.

Next Standing Committee 27 September 2006, Brussels