Water and GATS

The fight is not over - Fact Sheet of IATP In its recent plurilateral requests on environmental services, EC and other demandeurs have categorically excluded "water for human use" as a result of strong civil society pressure. However water is still involved in many other areas of WTO negotiations that can be of equal threat to our demand for access to water as a basic human right. This is of concern to waste water treatment for example. World Water Day 22 March is an excellent opportunity to continue to put pressure on governments and the European Commission to stop promoting trade and investment agreements that have a negative impact both on water quality and quantity. The NGO International Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) have made an interesting Fact Sheet on this.

It is available: www.waterobservatory.org/library.cfm?refid=78807

The IATP have also established a Water Observatory you might find interesting to take a look at: www.waterobservatory.org

(15/03/2006) - New Briefing paper on Water and GATS

The NGO Corporate Observatory Europe has written an worthwhile background paper on water and GATS, the role of the EU and the most recent state of affairs following the position of Norway and the WTO negotiations in Hong Kong last December. It demonstrates the campaign of unions and others is having an effect. The paper is available at: www.corporateeurope.or (10/03/2006)