Waste management companies in Europe

{{Waste management companies in Europe}} {by David Hall, PSIRU February 2006}
This report was commissioned by EPSU and received financial support from the European Commission

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{{{1. Companies}}} {{1.1. OVERVIEW}} Table 1. Major waste companies in Europe, January 2006 {{1.2. CHANGES IN OWNERSHIP}} 1.2.1. Remondis (Rethmann) 1.2.2. FCC (Fomento de Construcciones y Contrata SA) 1.2.3. CESPA (now owned by Ferrovial) 1.2.4. Van Gansewinkel 1.2.5. Cleanaway Germany 1.2.6. AVR {{1.3. PROFITS SQUEEZE}} 1.3.1. Cleanaway 1.3.2. Veolia-Onyx Chart A. Veolia: profit targets 1.4. PUBLIC/PRIVATE SHARES {{{2. Sectoral issues}}} {{2.1. PAY AND OUTSOURCING}} {{2.2. PROCUREMENT DIRECTIVES AND COMPETITION: INHOUSE AND PPPS}} {{2.3. PACKAGING}} {{2.4. IMPACT ON ENERGY}} {{2.5. PROBLEMS WITH WASTE MANAGEMENT IN NEW MEMBER STATES}} {{2.6. INFRINGEMENTS AND ARREARS}} 2.6.1. Corruption {{{3. Employment}}} {Table 2. JRC forecast for jobs in waste recycling in new member states} {{Annexe 1. Further graphical information on structure and development of sector}} Chart B. Chart C.Predicted impacts of changes in legislation Chart D.Integrated business: from Veolia Environnement {{Annexe 2. Summary of EU Waste Legislation }}