Wage and conditions in the Russian electricity industry

(14 November 2012) EPSU solidarity statement :

To Valeriy Vakhrushkin, President of the Public Association -
"All-Russian Electric Trade Union

EPSU fully supports the demands of the All-Russian Electric Trade Union for improved wage and conditions in the Russian electricity industry. There has not been a real wage increase for several years and workers purchasing power has decreased. EPSU and the European union movement stand up for real wage increases for workers – with compensation for inflation and a fair share of the productivity increase. It is workers that deliver the essential services, not the shareholders. We do not agree with the policies of management that focuses solely on increasing the companies’ profits while ignoring the interests of workers.

The union demands an increase in real wages of 25% or more. It also wants to raise the minimum monthly wage. These minimum wages should not fall below 6827 Rubles. And also here the European trade union movement is with the Russian workers and in many countries EPSU affiliates are campaigning to raise the minimum wage levels of the collective agreements.

The union’s territorial organisations are collecting signatures and will address these to the Russian Ministry. The union will be organizing pickets and other actions .

On behalf of 8 million public service workers in Europe, EPSU sends a message of solidarity and action to our Russian colleagues. We do this on a day in which workers across Europe are showing that they do not agree with the policies of governments and employers for austerity. Workers are on strike in many parts of Europe, 14 November.

We wish you strength and success.

In Solidarity

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