The vote for the Right to Water at the European Parliament approaches

(19 June 2015) In a few days the European Parliament will vote for the first time ever on the outcome of a European Citizens Initiative (ECI) – the right to water ( The European Commission (EC) responded positively to the ECI with a Communication on which Members of the European Parliament can express their opinion. Next Thursday, 25 June, the European Parliament’s Environment and Public Health Committee (together with the Development Committee) will vote on the Human Right to water and sanitation in the European Union.

An online petition directed at MEPs has been launched by Food and Water Europe, a long standing campaigner for the right2water ECI, together with the European Water Movement (another key part of this successful campaign).

You can help us by sending a message to MEPs:

We want to push the European Parliament to demand that the European Commission change current EU law so that the criteria as defined by the United Nations are taking into account. We are also reminding them of the European Commission’s promise to exclude water and sanitation from any trade agreement.

Next week we will send you more information about the upcoming vote.

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