A voice of trade union member sacked in purge after the coup-attempt in Turkey

17.02.17  Testimony of Ms. Gülüzar ATEŞ, KESK-Turkey

(17 February 2017) Ten thousands of public employees have been dismissed or suspended in the aftermath of the failed coup attempt in Turkey, last year 15 July. Decree laws were introduced which allowed the government to go after workers. Many trade unionists were among them. This includes 2550 members of KESK, the public sector confederation. It includes leaders of local trade unions and senior shopstewards in the public service unions like BES (public administration), SES (health) and others. Accusations are made without evidence and in manners that violate Turkish law and European and international norms. One of these workers is Ms. Gülüzar Ates. She works in the Turkish town of Kocaeli and is the local union leader. Her compelling testimony shows how the already existing pressure on trade unionists and their work before the coup has turned into repression after the coup.

EPSU continues working with the Turkish unions and the ETUC, PSI and others to bring the consequences of the purges to public attention.  The way public servants are dismissed at will, without proper recourse to the legal system and in a climate of repression of freedom of opinion and media is not acceptable.  

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