Verdi reaches agreement with EON over restructuring

(26 January 2012) Eon announced last year it would dismiss 11.000 workers, 6000 in Germany, the rest in its operations in Europe and worldwide. It was euphemistically called EON 2.0. It was not prepared to give guarantees that this would happen without forced redundancies. Verdi sought to negotiate a collective agreement to prevent such redundancies and to ensure workers faced with restructuring would have a social plan. The agreement is valid till end 2016. The possibilities for those that are leaving voluntary have been improved compared to existing agreements. A joint committee will oversee the implementation of the measures. Also works councils will see improved rights to advise and agree at the local work place on the measures taken. Some elements of the plan: -* Early retirement possible from 1958 (or 54-55y). -* Those leaving will get a compensation of 1.5 month salary for every year of service -* A bonus for those leaving early -* Establishment of a company that will consider employment and qualification options for workers -* 200 apprenticeships will get a permanent contract The EWC and EPSU will consider these proposals and to what extend they lay a basis for workers and unions in other parts of the company.