Veolia starts designation of representatives for SNB

Veolia is the former Vivendi Environment which divided from Vivendi Universal in December 2002. Vivendi Universal had had an European Works Council (EWC) and Veolia needs to establish one. Veolia employs close to 300.000 employees worldwide. In Europe it is active in 23, countries in waste (Onyx), transport (Connex), energy (Dalkia) and water. Following contacts with management in May and September 2003, EPSU and European Transport Federation (ETF) wrote a letter in December 2003 asking for the establishment of the Special Negotiating Body (SNB). Jan Willem Goudriaan, EPSU Deputy General Secretary and Doro Zinke, ETF General Secretary held a meeting with representatives of Veolia management, on 2 February 2004. Management presented the proposal for the composition of the SNB. It is foreseen a first meeting will be held in April 2004. EPSU Veolia contacts have been informed of the results of the meeting. For questions please contact the [EPSU Secretariat->mailto:].