Update – EPSU condemns the actions of the Belarus government to destroy the independent unions.

EPSU Support for Belarus

(10 June 2022) The situation of the trade unions in Belarus was discussed in the International Labour Conference. The representative of the government (and the state linked trade union confederation) gave  a rosy picture while union leaders are in jail.  Two days after these lofty presentations supported by governments from countries where trade union freedoms suffer as well, the Belarus Attorney General introduced proceedings against the independent trade unions seeking to eliminate them. He has asked the Belarus Supreme Court to terminate the activities of:
- The Belarusian Free Trade Union;
- The Free Trade Union of Metalworkers;
- The Belarusian Independent Trade Union;
- The Belarusian Trade Union of Radio and Electronics Workers;
- Association (Confederation) of Trade Unions "Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions".

According to the Attorney General the activities of independent unions were politicized and the union leaders are engaged in "destructive activities." Criminal proceedings have been started.

EPSU strongly condemns this new attack on the independent and free trade unions of Belarus. It violates the ILO conventions and flies in the face of the ILO itself. We express our strong support for and solidarity with the Belarus trade unions. We stand with the global labour movement in our support for the independent unions. 

Please take the time and sign the petition in support

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