Update and call for action on corporate tax transparency ( EU public CBCR directive)

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Update and request for advocacy on public corporate tax transparency – EU Public CBCR directive
(12 February 2021) We are writing with an urgent update on public country-by-country reporting in the EU (public CBCR).
For over six years, PSI and EPSU have been fighting for this essential corporate transparency at the OECD and at EU level. EU governments finally look set to approve a watered-down version of the measure on 25 February.
However, the final directive will need to be agreed with the European Parliament. This gives unions an opportunity to push to strengthen the provisions.
You may have seen that a new tax scandal is breaking. The “OpenLux” revelations being reported by several media outlets (including Le Monde, Süddeutsche Zeitung and Le Soir) only underline the need for greater transparency on how big business uses tax havens, both inside and outside the EU. With the economic costs of the COVID recovery mounting, corporate tax transparency is more critical than ever. The renewed focus on tax in the media may provide an opportunity for you to raise the issue with decision-makers.  More information for unions is provided below.
Reflecting the importance that PSI and EPSU place on this measure, PSI has engaged Patrick Orr to co-ordinate our work and provide affiliates with support in the coming months. Many of you will remember Patrick from his work with EPSU. Patrick will be working closely with Daniel Bertossa (daniel.bertossa@world-psi.org) and Nadja Salson (nsalson@epsu.org) who are respectively responsible for tax.
We encourage you to contact Patrick directly if you want more information or assistance on patrick.orr3@yahoo.com.ar
You will find in the circular (also available in FR/DE/ES and SV) an update and some advocacy actions. Patrick will get back to you with draft template letters for you to contact your government as soon as possible, and Members of European Parliament at a later stage. As the Portuguese EU presidency is keen to make progress on the draft directive, we also inform you that EPSU sent a letter to the  Portuguese government to express its strong support. However, we are convinced that further actions at national level are necessary to ensure a good outcome of the upcoming discussions in Council and Parliament.

Please also find here (available in FR/DE/ES and SV) the Briefing CBCR for EWCs (previously sent to EPSU EWCs network).