Unions sign Transnational Agreements with Gdf-Suez

(1st March 2010) The trade unions representing workers in GdfSuez signed two transnational agreements with management, 23 February 2010. The agreements deal with health and safety and with forward looking management of employment and competencies (GPEC). The agreements are a revision of earlier existing agreements in Suez and become necessary after the merger of Gdf and Suez in 2008. Both agreements are a step forward in the ongoing discussions in GdfSuez to achieve a high level of protection and involvement of the workers in the company. The health and safety agreement will be applied by GdFSuez also to its subsidiaries outside of Europe. The GPEC agreement is noteworthy not only for the timely involvement of the workers and their unions in long-term planning and adjustment in the company but also for strengthening the dialogue at local, territorial, national and European level. EPSU supports the agreements. GdfSuez is a company active in energy (like Electrabel), energy services (like Cofely), waste (Sita) and water (both part of Suez Environment) - European Group Agreement relating to the employment and expertise plan
- Group Agreement on fundamental principles regarding health and safety