Unions discuss the rise of the extreme-right in Europe

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(19 June 2017) Inequality breeds inequality was one of the main messages of researchers and trade union colleagues on explaining the rise of the extreme right in Europe. These parties feed on the pain and fears of working people who feel their concerns are neglected. Unions confront this, offering a perspective of hope and action to address this. We build a voice in our work places and in society and we stand up for values of social justice, equality and democracy.  The unionists exchanged their analyses on the causes of a growing right wing movement.

They looked at the experiences with confronting extreme-right wing parties such as Front National, the Swedish Democrats, UKIP, Alternative fur Deutschland, FPO in Austria.

How to deal with the simplified message that it is the other (from another country, colour, culture, religion, the euro-bureaucrats….) which is to blame for the policies of governments and employers. Many unions have developed materials to address these questions with members. Examples were presented by colleagues from the Swedish affiliates, CFDT-Sante (FR), Unison (UK), Younion (Austria), Verdi Bavaria and the State Workers union of Ukraine. Organising the voice of migrant workers is a key issue for the unions.

The EPSU General Secretary participated and addressed the perspective of the European elections (2019). The seminar took place on 15 and 16 June 2017 in Stockholm.

Text adopted by the participants at the conference

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