Unions call on Fresenius to respect trade union rights worldwide- global agreement needed

Action Fresenius Verdi Congress with Sylvia Buhler, Frank Werneke, Rosa Pavanelli, JW Goudriaan, 25092019

(25 September 2019) The German worldwide operating multinational health company Fresenius is not respecting trade union and workers’ rights in all its operations.  The new Verdi President Frank Werneke stood with workers and representatives of the unions and European and global union federations in demanding that Fresenius starts negotiating with the unions a global framework agreement. The company should refrain from union-busting and ensure higher pay and better conditions for its workers. PSI’s General Secretary Rosa Pavenelli joined the group. EPSU’s General Secretary said: “This globally operating corporation is to value its workers. Workers deliver the quality of care that patients expect. And that needs respect for workers’ rights and their unions." The global trade union alliance came together to discuss these and other problems during the Verdi Congress.

The meeting took place on 25 September 2019, Leipzig, Germany.

Профсоюзы призывают Fresenius уважать права профсоюзов во всем мире - необходимо глобальное соглашение (RU)

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