Unions and ENEL sign EWC agreement: Let's start kicking...

{(8 December 2008)} Signing the EWC agreement EPSU's {{Jan Willem Goudriaan}} said: {"With this agreement ENEL joins the group of European energy companies that have started a European social dialogue and which make work of information and consultation rights. Workers need this agreement to discuss with management the company's strategies in challenging times: the financial and environmental crisis will demand measures and choices of ENEL with implications for workers.} " He added: "{And ENEL has a particular issue: the buying of the shares of troubled Spanish company Acciona in Endesa. We welcome that on the trade union side representatives of Endesa are included and call on Acciona to respect its social obligations.}"
With ENEL HR Director Mr. Cioffi
Welcoming the agreement {{Franceso Fontanelli}} (FILCEM) said: "{ENEL must match its international ambitions with strong social aspirations, for its workers in Europe, Russia and Latin America}." {{Mario d'Arca}} (FLAEI) continued: "{This agreement is like ENEL's passport to live up to be a multinational. Its industrial policy now can get a social side as well.}" Colleague {{Lupi}} (UILCEM) ended by saying: "{The agreement allows us to focus on many issues. A very important one will be training and life long learning."} Corporate Human Resource Director {{Massimo Cioffi}} and member of the Board underlined the importance of sharing common values, global skills, and building a global identity. A recently signed agreement on corporate social responsibility will assist in that. The members of the SNB (Special Negotiating Body) coming from EPSU affiliated unions from Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Spain signed the agreement in the presence of the General Secretaries of the Italian EPSU affiliates FILCEM, FLAEI and UILCEM, colleagues Morselli, Di Masi and Pascucci. The signing ceremony took place 5 December 2008 in Roma. ENEL is an Italian company with operations in a range of European countries (including minor interests in France), Russia and several Latin America countries including Brazil. It employs over 60.000 workers in Europe. EPSU's Jan Willem Goudriaan provided assistance and support to the SNB. - For the agreement:
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