Unions and Civil Society are mobilizing: No to CETA – a bad deal for workers and people


(29 June 2016) As the implications of the EU-Canada trade agreement become known to more and more workers and others, unions are saying NO to this deal. The EPSU campaign started on Public Services Day 23 June. It finds more and more resonance. Many unions are informing  their members about what this deal implies for public services, workers and local democracy. Unions and others are making their voice heard across the EU. Despite this the European Commission is ploughing ahead. It intends to introduce the agreement to the Council. The Council, that is the Member States governments, will have to make a decision soon. The recommendation of Europe’s workers is clear: Say no to this deal and listen to the voice of a broad coalition unions, consumers, anti-poverty campaigners, municipalities and environmental organisations.

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-  USA, The Modeling Policy Reform, a project that builds on the research collaboration between GDAE (Global Development and Environment Institute at Tufts University) and UNCTAD, has edited a working paper:
CETA Without Blinders: How Cutting ‘Trade Costs and More’ Will Cause Unemployment, Inequality and Welfare Losses in English and French
The Executive Summary (English & French) of the paper gives clear arguments why CETA is a bad deal for citizens.

Corporate Europe Observatory has on 18 October published an article debunking some of the key myths surrounding the current debate about CETA. "The great CETA swindle"

European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) position on CETA (October 2016), explaining the risks to public health. The position is accompanied with more detailed annexes and summaries in English, French and Hungarian. 
Position EN / Summary EN / Annex EN / French summary / Hungarian summary

TiSA: Trade in Services Agreement is Bad News for Workers and Communities - ITUC report and Leaflet 10 November 2016

Transport & Environment (T&E) published on 18 November 2016 a CETA analysis. Conducted jointly with legal NGO ClientEarth, it looks into a number of key areas in CETA with implications for environmental protection.
see: https://www.transportenvironment.org/publications/ceta-and-environment-gold-standard-planet-or-big-business?

-  French human rights body finds CETA lacking - The French National Consultative Commission for Human Rights (CNCDH)  issued on 15 December an opinion about CETA. The opinion is very critical about the potential impacts on human rights, social rights and climate change. The main recommendation is that CETA should be renegotiated and referred to ECJ and French Constitutional Court for review. It also criticizes strongly provisional application.

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  • Czech health workers union speaking out against CETA
  • EPSU team says No to CETA - Public Services Day 23 June 2016
  • Greek energy union GENOP DEI press conference June 2016
  • Odborári v Európe vyzývajú na odmietnutie dohody medzi EÚ a Kanadou
  • Protest of Latvian health workers against CETA, TTIP and TISA, in Solidarity with EU wide demonstrations, 20 September 2016, Riga.