Unions across Europe stand in #SolidarityWithSES

EPSU Solidarity with SES trade unionists

(4 October 2023) EPSU’s call for solidarity with the SES Union (Türkiye) was widely responded to by affiliate unions before the trial. EPSU unions posted their messages on social media and asked the Ministry of Justice of Türkiye to drop all the charges.

Vida and Younion (Austria), CGT SDIS (France), Verdi (Germany), Fórsa (Ireland), FP CGIL (Italy), LPSK (Lithuania), FNV (The Netherlands), Mladi Plus (Slovenia), UGT SP (Spain), ST (Sweden), UNISON (UK), and many others. All met in the same solidarity campaign for the health and social service workers in Türkiye. Ahead of the hearing on 2 October, unions representing millions of workers joined the call of EPSU by sharing their solidarity messages on social media, demanding the Ministry of Justice of Türkiye to drop all the charges against trade unionists. LPSK, the Lithuanian Industry Trade Union Federation sent a letter to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the President of Türkiye, asking to stop the persecution of trade unionists. The Turkish and Kurdish press reported on the call.

Türkiye’s Health and Social Service Workers Union (SES) has been on trial due to their trade union activities since May 2021. Union members, including the co-chairs, were arrested and spent months in prison. As a result of international and national solidarity campaigns, the trade union leaders were released this year.

The judge decided to postpone the hearing to 20 December 2023. After the hearing, the SES Union made a statement, saying they will never give up until all trade unionists are free.

EPSU will continue to fight for trade union rights in Türkiye and everywhere.

Press coverage: Evrensel, Sendika.org, Bianet (TR) and (EN), Yeni Yaşam