UK unions continue fight against Trade Union Bill

(26 November 2015) The Welsh and Scottish governments have both expressed their opposition to the Trade Union Bill which has just passed its first reading in Parliament. Trade unions are continuing to campaign against the Bill which, if passed in its current form, will particularly impact on public sector unions.

They will be faced with thresholds for votes for strike action if deemed to be in "important" public services. There will not only be a requirement for a 50% turnout but 40% of those eligible to vote will have to vote in favour.

Public service unions will also be hit by proposals to end employer deductions of union contributions and to reduce facility time for union officials. The government has withdrawn some planned restrictions relating to picketing and use of social media in strikes but the main anti-trade union measures remain.

EPSU and PSI have been supporting the campaign with letters to the employment minister in the UK and European employment Commissioner Thyssen as well as submissions to consultations and parliamentary enquiries.

For more information visit TUC

EPSU submission to Parliamentary committee on Human Rights

EPSU submission to consultation on balloting proposals in Bill

EPSU-PSI letters to UK Minister of State and Commissioner Thyssen

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