Turkish government urged to respect trade unions rights

DISK, one of the Turkish trade union confederations, informed EPSU that the right of freedom of association and collective bargaining continues to be seriously curtailed since the military coup in 1980. A list of restrictions and obstacles remain, such as the obligation for an individual worker to register with a notary when becoming a union member.

The right to strike is seriously curtailed. At the same time SES, the KESK affiliated trade union of public employees in health and social services, informed EPSU of the harassement of several trade union and civil society leaders by the government following protests for universal free health care last year.

The protestors are charged with criminal activities and face 255 years in prison. EPSU has written to the Commission, Parliament and Council to make respect for trade union rights an important criteria in its forthcoming evaluation report.

EPSU has urged the Turkish government to adapt its laws in accordance with ILO conventions and EU legislation.