Turkey – One year since the failed coup attempt: Government turns its back on fundamental values.

Turkey -  KESK supports two members dismissed in purge, out on hunger strike 12 May 2017

KESK supports two members dismissed in purge, out on hunger strike 12 May 2017, Turkey

(17 July 2017) It is one year since the failed coup attempt 15 and 16 July 2016. This coup attempt was condemned by Turkish, European and international trade unions. We were very concerned about the subsequent purge of ten thousands of workers from the civil service under state of emergency legislation. They were accused of being part of or supporting terrorist organisations. Their numbers have increased since. There was and is little or no proof of these workers being terrorists or having sympathy with them. Ten thousands are denied justice, do not have an income and see their families suffer. Numerous other violations have been recorded by Turkish, European and international human rights organisations. The Turkish government has arrested many human rights defenders most recently again almost one year after the coup.  Over 150 journalists are in jail and thousands dismissed. Members of the opposition parties in the Parliament have been arrested. And so the list of violations of human rights continues and gets longer. Protests against these violations continue first and foremost in Turkey. 

EPSU condemned the government actions for the first time a year ago.  The situation has become worse and the Turkish government has pushed the country towards dictatorship. The recent statements of the President of Turkey to behead people he calls traitors are appalling. Turkish, European and International trade union organisations do not support the introduction of the death penalty.

EPSU’s General Secretary Jan Willem Goudriaan states:  “We condemn the renewal of the state of emergency. Based on a year of evidence, it is clearly abused by the Turkish authorities against voices critical of its policies. It needs to end.Workers, human rights defenders and others arrested under the state of emergency need to be freed unless there is clear evidence of wrongdoing in which case a fair and impartial trial needs to take place. Workers dismissed and suspended should be reinstated in their jobs. We continue to stand with the Turkish unions in defense of democracy, social justice and human and trade union rights.”

To act:

Contributions are very welcome to the Solidarity Fund, established by ETUC and ITUC.  It will assist the defense of arrested, dismissed and suspended trade union members.

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