Turkey: campaigning for health workers’ safety

campaign for health workers health & safety in Turkey 2021

The SES health workers’ union yesterday (1 February) launched the second week of a campaign calling for action on health and safety for all health workers. With over 150000 health workers infected by the virus and 349 deaths so far, SES is demanding a range of measures be taken.

The key messages of the twitter campaign cover:

  • trade union involvement in in risk assessment committees;
  • effective measures to prevent occupational accidents;
  • recognition of COVID-19 an occupational health problem; and
  • more efficient inspection of workplaces.

SES is concerned that the trade union voice is not being heard and has been running the campaign with the slogan “Masks Talk”. This week’s campaign follows a week focusing on availability of vaccines and personal protective equipment (PPE), including PPE that is appropriate for women.  This was also a twitter-based campaign but did include sit-ins in front of workplaces on 29 January.

 In advance, of the actions on health and safety, the union had also run campaigns focusing on pay and conditions.

EPSU sent a message of solidarity.