Tripartite Social Summit on eve of the European Council – More investment needed in public services say unions

Trade union delegation for the Tripartite Social Summit, 20 March 2019, Brussels

(21 March 2019) Speaking on public services the lack of investment was highlighted by the ETUC delegation. This results in staff shortages, in lack of infrastructure. Teachers, nurses and so many other public services workers can not do the job they want to do: deliver quality care for Europe’s people. More needs to be done to address this. At a moment the European economy is facing a slowdown, it is very worrying that governments, the Commission and Eurozone ministers focus on austerity rather than on investment to boost jobs and economic growth compatible with the needs of workers and people and our environment.  

The general themes of discussion focused on labour mobility, the need for investment, and the social dialogue.

The social partners demanded that the European Council meet with them before the European Council in Sibiu in May of this year.

The meeting took place 20 March 2019, Brussels. The EPSU General Secretary was member of the ETUC delegation. It included the director of the ETUCE (Education federation), the ETUC President and the President of Finnish confederation SAK, former EPSU Executive Committee member Jarkko Eloranta, and the General Secretary of Cartel Alfa Petru Sorin Dandea (Romania)

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