Transposition of the European Works Council Directive top of agenda of EPSU EWC Coordinators

{(1 March 2010)} Romulad Jagodzinski discussed with the EPSU EWC Coordinators the revised EWC Directive. Discussions are ongoing in most EU countries on the transposition in national law. There are many important issues for trade unions and workers’ representatives at stake. This was underlined through the example of the consultation on the transposition of the Directive by the UK government. It even questions the ALREADY agreed definitions of information and consultation. UK unions but also European trade union federations like EPSU have reacted to the consultation. He further gave an overview of the recommendations of the European Federations on the revised EWC Directive. The union representative called for prudence in signing agreements before June 2011. There is a risk that such agreements are based on the existing Directive and thus diminish Information and Consultation Rights. Other issues considered: - The draft SOMO report on Energy company EWCs and Corporate Social Responsibility was considered. Comments were made as regards the definition of CSR, the need for a European legal basis for CSR and CSR reporting and the role of Socially responsible investors and ethical investment of pensionfunds. A major issue the survey of EWC members threw up was the lack of resources for the workers’ side. There are still several companies that do not have a CSR policy.and these should be approached. The recommendations will be further discussed at a workshop 24 March. - A report was also given on a Commission workshop on disclosure of environmental, social and governance information. - Updates of developments were given with regard to EON (Closure of a call centre in the UK, several other conflicts…) Vattenfall and how it seeks to extract meony from the German workforce, several waste companies. - Two recent transnational agreements in GdFSuez were introduced: on health and safety and on forward looking management of employment and competencies (GPEC) - An update of the EPSU EWC coordinators and the guidelines for EWC coordinators. These will be considered further at the next meeting. - Update on the EPSU legal assistance fund. This will be further discussed in September The EPSU EWC Coordinators met 25 February 2010, Brussels. The meeting was chaired by the EPSU Deputy General Secretary. The next meeting will take place 21 September 2010. - [25 February: Meeting documents ->art6051]
- [Meeting of 21st September 2010->art6168]