Training seminar ENEL EWC: joint work and improving communication

{(17 May 2010)} To improve the understanding of European developments by EWC members, the EWC and management agreed on a joint training session. The recast European Works Council Directive and the [common guidelines->art5878] of the Federations were introduced as well as what changes these might necessitate for the existing ENEL EWC agreement. Several examples of best practice of the functioning of the EWCs were given including from chairs of other EWCs. EWC members considered equality and representation of women. A special focus was on communication and understanding how people communicate in different cultures as well as on how to improve the communication of the EWC and its members. EPSU’s Jan Willem Goudriaan spoke about the emerging European Industrial Relations, the links between the inter-sectoral and sectoral social dialogue such as the social dialogue in the [electricity sector->rub99] and the place of the EWCs in this. More and more companies negotiate transnational agreements. EPSU has agreed [procedures->art6136] to ensure a proper process of negotiations. Examples were provided of research of EPSU on [collective bargaining->], on [company policy->art6018], [company profits->art5847] and [CSR policies->art6280]. Francisco Fontanelli, EWC Chairman, presided the meeting. The training seminar took place 11-13 May 2010, Firenze, Italy