Trade union event in Palermo on solidarity of public service workers with migrants and refugees

UE CARE L'EUROPA SOLIDALE Palermo 26-27 September 2018 MIgration seminar

(25 September 2018) Tomorrow 26th of September a FP-CGIL, FSC –CCOO and EPSU seminar, at the European border in Palermo, will illustrate the work of those dealing with newcomers. To know from their direct testimonies the context, together with their conditions, their needs and their demands.

The seminar will compare the different European experiences and build a European network of public service workers for migrants. In a nutshell, this is the meaning of the 'UeCare - Solidarity Europe' initiative scheduled for the 26 and 27 September. The seminar is promoted by the FP-CGIL, the Spanish union FSC-CCOO with the support the European public services union EPSU, at the former church of San Mattia ai Crociferi in via Torremuzza 21.

The two-day debate and discussion will involve trade unions, politicians and institutions, experts, and workers from Italy, Spain,  France, Greece, Germany, UK and Sweden . It aims to tackle the issue of migration, focusing on the point of view of workers involved in the solidarity network - relief, reception and integration.  All with the ultimate goal of building a European network of workers dealing with the reception of migrants and refugees.