Towards an European Works Council in Italian energy company ENEL

Union representatives from Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia and Spain met with management of the Italian energy company ENEL to discuss the establishment of a European Works Council. EPSU was represented by its Deputy General Secretary Jan Willem Goudriaan. We welcome the start of the process to agree an EWC for one of Europe's leading energy companies. We look forward to an EWC which reflects the strong social commitments of the company. The first meeting of the Special Negotiating Body (SNB) received presentations on the corporate strategy, policies on corporate social responsibility, health and safety and the company's international human resource policies. The CEO Mr Conti and the HR director Mr Cioffi presented the social commitments of the company and its future growth prospects. Jean-Claude Le Douaron of ETUI focused on Europe's industrial relations, workers representation systems and cultural differences. ENEL is Europe's fourth largest utility (before its acquisition of Endesa). When it buys Endesa, it will be Europe's largest company in customers for example. And apart from being active in the countries mentioned it is active in Latin and North America. The company employs close to 60.000 workers. The meeting took place 16 and 17 May 2007, Rome, Italy.