TNI launches energy democracy video as COP22 talks get underway

(10 November) As the COP22 climate talks begin in Marrakesh Morocco this week, the Transnational Institute (TNI) and its partners launched an energy democracy video, to help ensure that big business and multi-nationals are not the only voices being heard at the UN climate talks.

The video shows how many cities, communities and even countries are working hard to make the energy sector democratic, equitable while also being based on renewable sources.

According to TNI multi-nationals and big businesses will be making concerted efforts to seduce the governments attending COP22. However, they will be putting forward ideas which contain half measures at best and largely offer false solutions. For example, big business claims that replacing high-carbon energy with low-carbon energy, does not pave the way for sustainable and socially-just societies, this is just not the case, says the NGO. The video also refutes many of the arguments promoted by the business sector while offering numerous examples of energy sector democracy in action.

EPSU supports the energy democracy movement and the ongoing fight against poverty.

To view the video click on this link #EnergyDemocracy

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