Time to end the secrecy! The European trade union movement calls for immediate action to close the gender pay gap

ETUC Gender pay gap action 25 February 2020, Brussels

(26 February) On Tuesday, EPSU joined representatives from ETUC and other European trade unions and trade union federations in a visual demonstration to demand concrete measures to combat gender discrimination and to ensure gender pay transparency.

The demonstration, organised by ETUC, was held outside the European Commission ahead of the publication of it’s proposals for gender pay transparency legislation. The specific demands to the European Commission included a directive that end pay secrecy by:

  • Banning pay secrecy clauses;
  • Requiring information on job evaluation in order to ensure equal pay for work of equal value;
  • Requiring employers to produce pay information and annual action plans on pay equality;
  • Supporting unions to negotiate with employers;
  • Requiring job advertisements to include the pay range;
  • Preventing employers from hiding behind privacy;
  • Ensuring transparency for the whole pay package; and
  • Imposing sanctions o employers who do not take action

The action included street theatre performances which demonstrated the difficulties women face in achieving pay equality.

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