Thessaloniki Citizens' Initiative 136 together with other groups bid for water company

(10 May 2013) A new success for the groups that oppose the privatisation of the Thessaloniki water company. They have brought together the necessary funding to play a role in the bidding for the Thessaloniki Water Supply & Sewerage (Eyath) company. As part of the austerity package the EU forced upon Greece, accepted by the respective Greek governments, the government is forced to sell public assets to reduce its debt. Citizens do not agree with the privatisation of water companies if asked, and it is not different in the Greek city of Thessaloniki. They formed the [initiative 136->], the symbolic value of the water company for each citizen. They organized an impressive resistance, convinced the municipalities that constitute Thessaloniki to join them and have now found the necessary funding to play a role in the bidding for the company. Groups like the Amalgamated Bank of New York (Amalgamated Ladies Garment Workers Union) and several other social investment orientated financial institutions are [pulling together->] to assist. There is also discussion to hold a [referendum->] on the privatisation. The following groups have made known they are candidates: - A consortium with Suez Environnement and the Greek public works/ construction company Ellaktor; - The Greek public works and energy company GEK TERNA together with Israel’s national water company [Mekorot->] and the Greek businessman George Apostolopoulos - And a third consortium of the Russian-Greem businessman Ivan Savvidis, owner of football club Paok.