Tax Justice for Public Services Global Week of Action

(20 June 2017) PSI and allies are rolling out actions across the world during #TaxJustice for #Public Services Global Week of Action the From 19-23 June 2017. Events are foreseen from South Africa to Tunisia, Brazil to Perú, Vietnam to Bangladesh, and Spain to the Netherlands. This is a campaign initiative of the Global Alliance for Tax Justice. This includes Public Services International, ITUC-Africa, ActionAid, Oxfam, Global Campaign for Education and more partners. Key messages include:

  • Use tax revenues to fund the public services and social protections that are the means to ending poverty and inequality.;  
  • Make multinational corporations and the wealthy pay their share of taxes.

The common advocacy messages assist and supporting our demands that governments should end tax avoidance and use tax to pay public investment, social protection and public services. The group will engage in diverse actions leading up to Public Services Day 23 June. Please see the campaign web pages in English and Spanish and the toolkit resources for ideas on how to take action.
The common campaign banner is available in many languages,  For the PSI materials:

The demand for Tax Justice and the closing of tax havens and addressing tax avoidance are part of the demands of 250 organisations to the European Council meeting 22-23 June.