Support from Germany keeps pouring in

(11 July 2013) The right2water campaign has received massive support from the Erzgebirge region in Germany at the initiative of colleagues in the Wasserwerke Westerzgebirge.

Egbert Biermann, member of the management board of the German Miners, Chemical and Energy Workers (IG BCE) today handed over 3.500 signatures to the EPSU General Secretary, Carola Fischbach-Pyttel. She thanked the IG BCE and in particular the colleagues from the Erzgebirge region for their efforts to support the European Citizens’ Initiative right2water.

Even though Commissioner Barnier has now announced to exclude water from the proposed concessions directive, this does not yet mean that this will be decided in the end. We need to keep the pressure up to maintain water as a public good.’, said Egbert Biermann.

This is also the reason why the IndustriAll European Trade Union Federation has launched a further appeal last week to support the initiative to get as close as possible to 2 million signatures. IndustriAll General Secretary Ulrich Eckelmann stated ‘The ECI right2water is an excellent example for a successful campaign supported by the entire European trade union movement. We are happy to support EPSU in this initiative to counter any attempts of liberalising the water sector.

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