Suez EWC questions merger project with GdF

The merger of Suez and GdF was the main topic of discussion of European Works Council of Suez, 9-10 October 2007, Barcelona.
The workers' representatives:
- Critisised the manner of the information and consultation process with documents being too late, information being incomplete; questions being unanswered and so more time will be needed to reflect and prepare a view. This could not be seen as consultation. Management agreed that a new meeting will be arranged to ask for the opinion of the EWC;
- Raised a larger number of questions related to specific aspects of the merger and its effects on workers. The main preoccupation was the stability of the shareholders Pact between the new group GdF/Suez and group of other shareholders with regard to Suez Environment;
- Mandated the secretary/ chair of the workers' side of the EWC to undertake legal action if needed when information and consultation is not respected;
- Other issues discussed were the social report of Suez; the implementation of the three agreements (equality, profit-sharing, employment and skills agreed in July 2007)
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PRESS RELEASE (Barcelona, 11 October 2007) of the SUEZ EWC:

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