Success for Swiss health and care unions and social movements – citizens’ initiative for care gets 61% YES vote

Better pay and conditions for health and social workers Switzerland

(29 November 2021) The Swiss population came out in important numbers to support the demands of unions for better pay and conditions for health and social workers, 28 November 2021. They agreed that applause is not enough. The unions proposed to the Swiss people that conditions should be improved, more people trained and the financing of health and care reformed. An earlier reform has resulted in a creaming-off. The private clinics, private care homes and home care organisations seek the more profitable patients, leaving the public system with debts and having an impact on working conditions and quality of care.  The unions have called for negotiations to improve conditions.  We congratulate the Swiss unions and our affiliate VPOD with this historic success. Not many initiatives reach the threshold and especially not with regard to labour market issues.

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