A strike with European dimension - Solidarity for French public service workers

Strike Paris 10 October 2017

(11 October 2017) Workers came to the streets in over 100 towns and villages across France, 10 October. They protested the proposals of the French government to cut 120.000 staff, to impose a continued pay freeze, to make workers pay for the first day of illness, to question the statute of public service workers. Teachers, medical staff, municipal workers and many more came out in force. Unions estimated there were over 400.000 people in the demonstrations across France.

Recognising that many public service workers in Europe are faced by the same challenges the President and General Secretary of EPSU walked with the affiliates in public services. They were joined by leadership of affiliated unions and a Ukrainian delegation of public service unions. Many unions in other countries sent messages of solidarity. The French unions thank all for the shown solidarity.

There was also strike action of one of the EPSU affiliates CGSP/ACOD in Belgium, demonstrations of Verdi over lack of staff in health and social services, actions to end pay cap by several public service unions and the start of industrial action ballot by PCS in the UK on the same day. Spanish unions were mobilizing to protect the public pension system and demand decent pensions. Public service unions across Europe are united in their demands for quality public services, for public investment, and for pay increases after years of austerity.

For more information

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  • EPSU President, Vice-President and General Secretary together with French colleagues, in Paris, 10 October 2017
  • EPSU GS with French colleagues, Paris 10 October 2017
  • EPSU President Isolde Kunkel-Weber with EPSU General Secretary and EPSU Vice-President in Paris, 10 October 2017
  • EPSU GS and colleague from FO, Paris, 10 October 2017