Strengthening Sectoral Social Dialogue in the hospital sector in the East, South and Central Europe

Strengthening Social Dialogue in the Hospital sector

3rd Regional workshop in Zagreb

(10 May 2021) On 20 April 2021, HOPSEEM and EPSU held an online, regional workshop within the framework of the project “Strengthening Sectoral Social Dialogue in the hospital sector in the East, South and Central Europe”. The workshop was the third to be organised within the 2-year project financed by the European Commission. Due to the pandemic, the meeting planned for Zagreb had to be postponed, and the project’s timeline extended. The meeting that had originally been planned to take place in Zagreb eventually took place in an online format.

The previous workshops were held firstly in Bucharest, focusing on Central Europe (Romania, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria): 

and secondly in Rome, with the focus on Italy, Spain, Portugal, Malta, Greece, and Cyprus:

This third workshop discussed the situation in the following countries: Czechia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Croatia, and gathered many targeted national social partners’ representatives, including organisations not affiliated with EPSU and HOSPEEM.

The participants discussed the survey findings for the project by the Central European Labour Studies Institute. The survey focused on the involvement of trade union and employer organisations in the social dialogue. The discussion and the surveys’ outcome will contribute to the regional report from this part of Europe and a final report presented at the Dissemination Workshop.

Representatives of the European Commission Jan Behrens and Egbert Holthuis (DG Employment) informed the participants about how the EU supports the national and European social dialogue and the important role of trade union and employer organisations in the European Semester.

In the panel and open discussion on the challenges faced by social partners in the region, participants underlined the importance of the support of national governments for social dialogue and collective bargaining. They also stressed that social dialogue is instrumental in improving working conditions, addressing staff recruitment and retention challenges, including migration, and promoting life-long learning and professional development. Finally, they mentioned that on the EU level, more languages, including those from Central Eastern Europe, should be available at the Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee meetings for the Hospital Sector.

The Dissemination Workshop, where the final report from the project will be presented, will take place virtually on 16 June 2021:

We want to thank our Croatian colleagues for hosting the virtual meeting, and we hope we can visit Zagreb soon.

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