Strategies for organizing workers in trade unions discussed by young Russian unionists

(9 February 2017) How to build union power was the overall topics of a course on organizing and modernization of unions of the Russian Health Workers Trade Union. The young trade unionists talked about the elements of successful organizing campaigns based on the experience of the young workers themselves. When addressing work places issues, crucial elements are planning and clear goals and tasks so progress can be measured and evaluated; preparation by researching the sector and in this specific cases the market for health and other care services, studying the enterprises active, the problems faced by workers and work to give voice and visibility to these problems; build reliable relations that lead to stable results; evaluate the results and plan for the negotiations to seek solutions.  Many side issues were explored including the use of social media.

The seminar took place in December 2016 in Ekaterinburg. Nearly 30 representatives from 18 regional organization from across the country took part. The included representatives from the union’s youth committee and representatives of the Central Asian unions. EPSU and the Federation of Trade unions of the Sverdlovsk region supported the seminar.