Stop the WTO negotiations! Save jobs!

A large group of trade unions and NGOs has signed up to a statement on the Doha Development Round. It is called a recipe for the massive destruction of livelihoods, mass unemployment and the degradation of work. PSI has been active in drafting this statement. EPSU has signed on to the statement as well. The group calls on the WTO members to:
- put a moratorium on the present negotiations; and
- undertake full public assessments of the employment, social, environmental and cultural impacts of existing trade and investment rules.

The rules governing international trade and investment must be judged according to a single criterion: do they generate progress in the direction of socially and environmentally sustainable economic growth, social progress and greater wellbeing for all? Or do they take us in the opposite direction, towards social and environmental destruction and massive migration and global insecurity? The verdict is certainly in on the first ten years of the WTO. It is time to change course.

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