Stavko – Štrajk – Strike in Slovenian electricity industry?

Update: Unions sign agreement with the government – strike postponed

(9 September 2009)
Following the warning strike of 24 August and subsequent negotiations the unions and the government have signed an agreement last week to sit down and discuss the different options according to which the (legal) unbundling of the networks from the retail business can done.

A schedule of meetings is agreed and in return the union has cancelled the strike preparations for 14 September. A union spokesperson added: We are very pleased that the social dialogue will now be allowed to function.

(2 September 2009) The Slovenian energy union SDE, member of EPSU, organized a warning strike on 24 August 2009. A full strike is foreseen for 14 September. The union opposes the imposition by the government of plans to split the trading and network business of the distribution companies, arguing this brings higher prices, has an impact on investments and possibly on jobs. It demands the government sit down with the union to consider the plans and possible alternatives. Other issues concern optimizing generation, investment in the Slovenian energy infrastructure and the strategy for the coal industry and thermal power plants. SDE is concerned that the government violates the social dialogue which has been established during so many years. President of SDE Franc Dolar “We want a serious discussion and negotiation with the government, not this imposition of a one model fits all approach.”

The information strike of 2 hours was a complete success with 100% of work sites. The strike of 14 September is to effect all energy companies, including production and distribution. The EPSU Deputy General Secretary visited the union to discuss the upcoming actions, 31 August. “We want governments to practice what they agree at all European summits: the importance of social dialogue as a way to negotiate and find common solutions”.

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