SSDC HS Work Programmes 2006-2019

The Committee has adopted in its first three years of activity (2006-2008) a joint declaration on health services and a Code of Conduct on Ethical Cross-border Recruitment and Retention (for follow-up activities see the implementation and evaluation report of September 2012). These outcomes had been elaborated on the basis of the first joint Work Programme for 2006 and 2007.

On 23 June 2008 the Committee adopted their second Joint EPSU-HOSPEEM Work Programme 2008-2010 centred on 5 main themes:

  •  Recruitment and retention
  •  Strengthening Social Dialogue Structures
  •  The ageing workforce
  •  Tackling third-party violence and harassment
  •  New skill needs

In July 2009 the Framework Agreement on the Prevention of Sharps Injuries that later became Directive 2010/32/EU was endorsed. In December 2010 EPSU and HOSPEEM signed a Framework of Actions "Recruitment and Retention".

The third Joint EPSU-HOSPEEM Work Programme 2011-2013 was adopted on 1 July 2011. By 12 December 2013 nearly all planned activities have been tackled and finalised, except for the two topics "Well-being of workforce" and "Diversity of workforce".

The forth Joint EPSU-HOSPEEM Work Programme 2014-2016 was adopted on 6 March 2014.

The fifth Joint EPSU-HOSPEEM Work Programme 2017-2019 was adopted on 27 February 2017. It is built around 4 main themes:

  • recruitment and retention
  • continuig professionnal development and life-long learning
  • health and safety at the workplace
  • general health care policy & hospital/health care workforce