Spanish unions march to reclaim their rights!

(13 December 2017) On December 14 the public sector federations of CCOO and UGT (the two main Spanish trade unions) will be marching in Madrid to reclaim the rights of public employees lost during the crisis. The march will start at noon at Cibeles square. EPSU President Isolde Kunkel-Weber will be among the demonstrators showing solidarity with Spanish public sector workers.

Since 2010 nearly 350,000 public sector jobs have been lost and those workers that have kept their job have seen a 13% fall in purchasing power. Many other rights linked to training opportunities, maternity leave replacements and equality have also been lost. It is almost 10 years since the crisis and Spanish public sector workers have said enough is enough!

The trade unions demand real collective negotiations at all levels of the public administration. They also demand a reduction of casual work down to the 8% maximum established in law.

Unions believe that it is time for a pay rise. The government should acknowledge the decline in real wages after all those years of cuts!

EPSU sends solidarity greetings to its Spanish affiliates and public sector workers marching tomorrow in Madrid.

  • EPSU President in Madrid, 14 December 2017
  • Pepe Fernandez (CCOO-FSC), Unai Sordo (General Secretary CC.OO), I. Kunkel-Weber (EPSU President), Pepe Álvarez (GS UGT) and Julio Lacuerda (UGT-FSP) in Madrid, 14 December 2017