South East European unions see high energy prices eating into purchasing power

EPSU South East Constituency meeting, 29 September 2022

(5 October 2022) The message of the unions in South East Europe was the same as at the other 3 constituency meetings in Eastern Europe and Central Asia: high prices for energy and how these are passed on to other products and services, impact on people’s bills and purchasing power. Unions seek to negotiate higher wages, like for health workers in Romania. If no answers of the government actions are possible towards the end of October or early November. Unions in public administrations are faced with negotiations over digitalisation in Bulgaria. We looked at the work that was done and including with the Central Government Administration employers.

Nominations for the Constitutional Working Group were agreed. Consultation continues on the nominations for the Congress Resolutions Committee.

The meeting took place 29 September 2022 online

Albania Azerbaijan Bulgaria Moldova Romania Türkiye

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