Solidarity with trade union Croatian demonstration on pensions

Croatia 20 October 2018 action against reform pensions

(19 October 2018) The Croatian trade unions are organising a national demonstration against the proposals of the government to reform the pensions, 20 October 2018. EPSU has intervened with the government and sent a message of solidarity to the Croatian affiliates.

Without dialogue and negotiations the Croatian government wants to raise the retirement age to 67 years.  It seeks to make the period in which you have to work for an entitlement to a pension longer.  We say with the Croatian unions that pensions are fundamental to workers. Any plans for reform should be based on a full consultation with workers and their trade unions. It is unacceptable to impose such major changes and without taking account of the situation of Croatian workers and particularly their life expectancy. We wish the Croatian unions a very successful action.

For more information on the pension reform from the ETUI