Solidarity with striking Tesla workers 

EPSU banner solidarity

(15 January 2023) The US company Tesla sells electric cars in many European countries like Sweden. The Tesla workers that maintain those cars are on strike in Sweden. The company refuses to conclude a collective agreement with the union Ifmetall. 

In support of the union, other unions refuse to deal with the company. Members of EPSU affiliate ST do not handle the delivery of license plates. Kommunal branches stopped collecting the company's waste. Transport and dockers unions in Denmark, Finland and Norway joined Swedish workers in the ports refusing to unload Teslas from ships.

The conflict continues since the end of October 2023. For more information about the conflict check the website of the union IFMetall

The conflict is strategic. Tesla and its owners should not be allowed to escape having a collective agreement. In response to a solidarity message of EPSU, EU Commissioner Schmit, responsible for Employment and Social rights said: 

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