Solidarity with Spanish unionists facing trial over participation in strike action

(20 June 2017) EPSU sends solidarity  greetings and support to Rubén Ranz and José Manuel Nogales, two members of the UGT trade union who are facing the prospect of up to seven years in prison and even a fine on top for taking part in the general strike of 2012. EPSU finds it astonishing and utterly unjustifiable that the authorities should consider this kind of action against any worker taking part in strike action. We are aware that hundred of workers from both the UGT and CCOO confederations have faced the threat of legal action for their strike activity with the authorities resorting to an obscure and previously unused law as a basis for this outrageous attack on something as fundamental as the right to strike. We support the UGT and CCOO mobilisation for the protest tomorrow (21 June) and that the prosecuting authorities see sense and decide not to pursue this unjustifiable punishment

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