Solidarity - second Congress briefing

Cover EPSU Congress Briefing nr2 Solidarity
EPSU is publishing the second briefing of the series announced on 5 October (see EPSU Congress Circular nr 4) : Solidarity.
As written before, these briefing will focus on our priorities and set the scene for some of the key Congress debates.

Solidarity is a core area of our joint European trade union work. There are common elements to many of the actions of public service unions as we fight for better pay and working conditions or when we defend trade union rights or protest against privatisation and attacks on public services.

Any expression of solidarity is welcomed by unions as they see they are not alone and that their actions are part of a common struggle. It can be a real boost to their campaign when EPSU, its affiliates and other trade union organisations, not only send messages of support but also messages of protest to companies, employers and governments.

This briefing gives examples of our solidarity work in recent years. There have been some successes and effective coordination. There is the potential to do a lot more. If we can boost the number of affiliates who join solidarity actions we can help strengthen our movement over the next Congress period.

Further briefings will be published over the coming weeks and months, all in English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish and Russian. The next 4 will cover:
  • Fighting privatisation
  • Getting to grips with digitalisation
  • Gender equality
  • Fighting for tax justice.
We hope that you will find the briefings useful in your discussions and preparations in the lead up to Congress.

Briefing 2: Solidarity (EN / FR / DE/ ES / SV / RU)

See here the first Congress Briefing "Building Union Power"  and the EPSU Congress Circular nr 4 introducing the Briefings.