Solidarity message to ver.di on safe and effective staffing

photo from ver.di website - health worker 18 September 2017

photo from ver.di website - health worker

(14 September 2017) On 18 September 2017 and in the weeks to follow health workers in Germany will mobilise to get mandated staffing levels and to achieve substantial progress as to the reduction of workloads and stress at their workplaces. It is the start of a series of mobilisations and strike actions organised by ver.di prior to and after the German Federal Elections on 24 September 2017. The coalition agreement signed by the current Federal Government foresees the definition and implementation of mandated staffing levels, but the related legislation is not yet there.

On the occasion of the kick off of the union actions EPSU General Secretary stresses "the fight for effective and safe staffing levels is a common one in Europe. Workers in health and social services want an end to burn-outs and recognition and respect for their hard work". 

A survey run by ver.di in 2015 revealed evidence that in Germany about 162,000 workers are lacking in health care (out of which about 70,000 frontline workers directly working with the patients at the bedside). Patients and workers are suffering from this continuous understaffing. On behalf of millions of Europe’s workers in health and in social services, EPSU expresses its solidarity with the struggle of the German health workers for better pay and conditions and for more staff.

Mobilisation to get more personnel and to reduced stress and workloads for those working in hospitals has gained momentum in Germany, building on the long-standing work by ver.di. We see in many countries the same struggle for more staff in health care. Together with many trade unions in Europe EPSU works to put the well-being of workers and patients centre-stage. We know that together we can achieve our goals and improve the lives of workers and patients. “There is power in a union“ to achieve mandatory staffing levels in health and social care, one of EPSU’s priorities for the health and social care sector.

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